300-Series Hospitality Kit

Super-concentrated cleaning kit without the hassle of conventional dispensers

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Concentrated cleaning without the hassle of traditional dispensers. This portable dispensing system is so easy and simply to use. Each kit includes four super-concentrated bottles of the #301 All Purpose Cleaner, #325 Bathroom Cleaner, #327 Glass and Window Cleaner, and #350 Air Freshener, as well as empty work bottles.

Simply use the special dispensing nozzles and pump once or twice depending on the tasks at hand and add water – excellent value. Concentrated refills are available separately.

Each kit includes:

  • Four 946mL bottles of product
  • Products #301, #325, #327 and #350
  • Four dispensing pumps
  • Four empty spray bottles with trigger sprayers
  • One dispensing tray
  • One wall chart
  • Four MSDS sheets
  • One bag containing options to secure the tray: 2 screws, 2 tie strips, double-sided tape (new version lockable)
Design for the Environment US EPA
US EPA Design for the Environment (except #350 Air Freshener)
Helps consumers, businesses, and institutional buyers identify cleaning and other products that perform well and are safer for human health and the environment.
PETA Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free by PETA
Certified that neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products.
The world’s most recognised and trusted Kosher trademark.
Green Building Council
Green Building Council
The US Green Building Council is transforming the way we design, build, maintain and operate our buildings, homes and communities.
ISSA Member
ISSA Member
Eco Concepts Inc is a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association.