#340 Natural Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner

#340 Natural Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner

A super-concentrated, pH-neutral floor and hard-surface cleaner that may be used daily.

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Product Description

EcoConcepts #340 Natural Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner is a highly-effective and versatile pH-neutral, low-foaming, all-purpose cleaner for high-polish floors where the use of harsh detergents could cause degradation of the floor finish. It easily removes oils, hydrocarbons, grease and heavy soiling from floors, walls and other hard surfaces. It is ideal to use before burnishing.

For use on: Stone, concrete, vinyl, terrazzo, quarry, resilient or ceramic tile, rubber and other similar hard surfaces.

Product applications: Ideal for autoscrubbers, but may be used with virtually any cleaning equipment.

PETA Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free by PETA
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ISSA Member
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Mop buckets

Number of pumps per 15L mop bucket:

  • Light soil 1 pump
  • Normal soil 2 pumps
  • Heavy soil 3 pumps


Number of pumps per 19L tank:

  • 1 pump

Spray bottles

Number of pumps per 946mL work bottle:

  • Light odours 1 pump
  • Moderate odours 2 pumps
  • Heavy odours 3 pumps