#41 Floor Finish Remover


A floor finish remover to complete any floor care program. Rinses quickly without leaving residual alkali.

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EcoConcepts #41 Floor Finish Remover is a high-performance, highly-concentrated, rapid-response floor wax and finish remover that rinses quickly without leaving residual alkali that interferes with finish applications. It is ultra-low-odour, low-toxicity, non-corrosive, butyl- and ammonia-free, and dissolves multiple coats of finish without the strong and unpleasant odour associated with conventional strippers.

For use on: Acrylic floor finishes applied to resilient concrete, ceramic tile, stone and terrazzo floors.

Product applications: For use in mop buckets and power equipment.

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Mop buckets and power equipment

  • Light build-up 167mL per litre
  • Normal build-up 200mL per litre
  • Heavy build-up 250mL per litre