Tough solutions for a fragile world

Versatile and effective. Safer for your use, your family and the environment.

EcoConcepts is a recognised industry leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance, safer products for the industrial, janitorial, marine and retail markets. Our customers have discovered that by using less-harmful products, the surfaces being cleaned are better-protected and the people doing the cleaning are healthier, happier and more productive.

EcoConcepts products:

  • Provide the high-performance cleaning power of conventional cleaners
  • Are safer for human health and handling
  • Have a reduced environmental impact
  • Give less wear and tear on the surfaces being cleaned

A decade of research and development

Researchers working to harness the power of natural materials from the ocean discovered that products we use everyday need not be harmful to the planet, nor dangerous to people, to be highly-effective or competitively priced. Building on those principles, and working with leading scientists in cleaning chemistry, we have fully realised this vision.

Something new is coming!

EcoConcepts is becoming Australian made!

Until recently, EcoConcepts has been packaged in Australia from materials and formulas sourced from the USA. We have recently transitioned the supply of the materials to Australian-sourced ingredients, and the products will now proudly be 100% Australian made and owned.

We have already begun this transition with our Graffiti Remover product. This is now 100% Australian made and owned.

In this transition we are moving to a new brand, Addis EcoConcepts Cleaning with a new product range including all our fantastic Eco-Concepts product and some exciting new additions. All these products will be 100% Australian made and owned.

Stay tuned!